1. architorturedsouls:

    Cheongshim Water Culture Centre / UnSangDong Architects

    (Source: knstrct.com, via an-architectural-statement)

  3. This “Skin” For Buildings Keeps The Inside Cool With Zero EnergyFastCoExist

    Researchers at the University of California-Berkeley have designed a new membrane that wraps around a building instead of walls, filled with micro-scale valves and lenses that open and close as they sense light, heat, and humidity. The facade works with no power at all—not even solar panels—and keeps the temperature comfortable and light bright inside.

  5. isometrics:

    // Architecture + Landscape

    Cluny House

    By Guz Architects

    Photography by Patrick Bingham-Hall

    (Source: guzarchitects.com, via an-architectural-statement)


  7. think-progress:

    They want to sell off our land for drilling, mining, and logging.

  8. givemehappypill:

    A photo I took in the lovely old town of Saarburg in Germany, where there is a waterfall in the middle of the pedestrian area. 

    (Source: child-of-this-earth, via an-architectural-statement)


  9. (Source: think-progress)

  10. John Oliver astutely outlines the looming threat of losing Net Neutrality and letting major cable companies, who have spent tens of millions of dollars in lobbying alone, gain control over the very law that is supposed to regulate them and mutilating legislation to boost their own profits while hurting customers.

    This is real - it’s happening right now. The corruption is so large and runs so deep that it is glaringly obvious even at the surface.

    How are we going to protect the Internet?

    THIS is how. Join the battle for the Net.